Osamu Nishioka

Peter Wilson

Business Coach

Over the last 15 years Peter has worked across a diverse group of industries. Industries have ranged from Energy to Manufacturing and Hospitality. Peter has used his drive within these industries to investigate, explore and develop new business and collaboration models.

Over the past decade, Peter has worked within the energy industry where he has focused on the identification of emerging trends and the development of corresponding new business and collaboration models which put the customer at the centre of the products and services on offer. Peter is experienced in business strategy development, customer engagement, scenario planning and process improvement. He has also been a business coach for start-ups from a hub based in Australian and organised a hack-a-thon.

Peter’s personal goal is to work collaboratively within the Asian business community, to build new enterprises and businesses which cross Asia and the Pacific.

It’s my great pleasure to welcome Peter to our group of Ginza Hub Experts. Like me, Peter is a business coach but with much further reaching expertise and experience. If you need expert guidance for your start-up, especially in the Energy to Manufacturing and Hospitality industries, look no further. Contact Peter now and let him help you with your start-up or small business today!

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