Ginza Hub

Ginza Hub is a bright and sunny co-working space for people to relax and work on their most important projects

So you're thinking of starting your own business, or working on a big project. But where can you do that? You could work out of your bedroom, or maybe at a coffee shop, but the distractions there could really make things hard. You could rent office space instead, but the setup costs could seriously ruin you. So what about somewhere in between? How about a co-working space where there are no distractions, and where a single 500 yen coin can get you started. Ginza Hub is just such a co-working space, where people come to relax and work on their most important projects. We've made it super easy to come in and do whatever work you want, with no contract, no entry fee and and no deposit of any kind. You just pay for the time you use, and you get high-speed Internet access, professionally-made coffee, and a startup community of positive people who love to share tips on productivity, business building, and living a great life. For ¥25,000 a month you get 24-hour access, plus a prestigious Ginza address, free meeting & event space, and other great benefits. We're just a few minutes' walk from Higashi Ginza, Tsukiji Shijo and Shimbashi stations in central Tokyo, so drop in for a tasty coffee from our awesome Italian espresso machines.

What can you expect?
High-speed Internet
Great Coffee
Everything in English
A Few Of Our Members
Ginza Hub
Helen Iwata

Founder and President ! Communications

"Great space, inspiring coworkers, and power snacks. Ginza Hub’s got it all!"

Ginza Hub
Alex Fazel

Chief Enthusiast  / Co-founder 

"It's not just about the quality of the place... It's about the quality of the PEOPLE"

Ginza Hub
Ashina Saiki

Owner and Yoga Instructor 

"Yoga is more than just exercise.
Yoga is life."

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