Now We Have A Full-Service Video Studio At Ginza Hub

Now We Have A Full-Service Video Studio at Ginza Hub

Ginza StudioI’m super pleased and proud to announce that there’s now a fully kitted out video studio for hire on the 3rd floor of Ginza Hub.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Ginza Studio!

This idea has been a long time coming, but we finally kicked it off on August 1st this year.

I managed to persuade long term Ginza Hub Expert and videographer extraordinaire, Zach Kuhn, to move his studio operations from Yokohama to Tokyo. And now all Ginza Hub Members and guests get access to high quality video production for social media, personal branding, products, and well, whatever!

You can bring your own gear or you can rent Phoenix Films (Zach’s company) gear, and just shoot video! It’s awesome, and I couldn’t be happier, given my passion for creating proper branding for great new businesses.

Video Direction

But the real strength of Ginza Studio is Zach’s passion and expertise in the visual arts. He learned filmmaking throughout his college career and has a genuine passion for the visual arts. You can clearly see that in the cool video he shot for me for the awesome top banner on the Ginza Hub Facebook Page (check out those sweet transitions!)

Zach’s lived in Tokyo for over 5 years now, building a serious network of creative professionals, business professionals, and established social media influencers.

He’s an organizer of YouTube Japan community events in Japan, and is well known for organising the YouTube Japan Hanami every year in Yoyogi Park.

On YouTube he’s amassed a following of nearly 2000 subscribers (!) and has worked with a variety of different creative influencers here. Then he founded and established a Japanese company (Godo Kaisha) named “Phoenix Films” and so is clearly no amateur. For those who need to know, a “GK” is a genuine corporation in Japan (i.e. this guy is legit, unlike the many hobbyists and video wannabes you may see out there.)

Oh, and our 45 meter-square Ginza Studio is available for creative events 24 hours a day. So please think about that.

But let’s get down to business!

This month saw Ginza Studio’s first video shoot. A simple 30-second profiles-for-social-media shoot. Check the quick 22-second video I took for an example of how that went. Just awesome.

So, if you need inexpensive video, contact for a professional, full-service facility with a variety of quality camera equipment and expert advice. Seriously.