Mentoring at the Innovation Dojo (Part 2)

Wow… I can’t describe how good it feels to be helping young Australians to create their startups, possibly even here in Japan.

of the last 9 minutes of my 40-minute cross-country virtual lecture at the University Of New South Wales’ Innovation Dojo program yesterday. Look at the youth and the enthusiasm and the intelligence of the students participating (why was there no such program when I was a uni student!)

The single question I asked back to the audience was relayed for me in the video as “How many of you are actually planning to go to Japan and do a startup?” The response (from 20 or so students) was “..That’s about half.”

Amazing… Really amazing. Young, educated, switched on students in Oz are honestly looking to come to Japan and build their dreams, whereas years ago such thoughts were met with frowns and even laughter. Ha!

Go for it, guys! Build those dreams. Come to Nippon. Your landing pad awaits you.

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