Ginza Hub Launches Startup-focused Online Educational Courses

Courses at Ginza Hub
Finally, I launched Ginza Hub’s new online educational tutorials at

I put so much work into this that I can hardly believe the launch date finally arrived.

And wow! What a great launch!

Last night from 10 pm till midnight I did my 2nd live interview on the popular 2.5 Oyaji’s YouTube show, which has an amazing combined subscriber total of about 148,000 people.

The last 2.5 Oyajis show I was on in June generated a lot of questions from viewers about How To Start Your Own Business in Japan, and I now actually have several clients in Japan and overseas from that show who’ve hired me on an hourly basis to help them do just that!

So on last night’s show I took that lead and drilled down into the exact steps involved in busting out and starting your own business in Japan, which are :

1. Define the problem worth solving
2. Get your visa for doing business in Japan
3. Register your business in Japan
4. Launch your minimum viable product (MVP)

But perhaps more importantly, I launched Ginza Hub’s new online educational courses during the show, which starts with a free online tutorial further detailing the 4 steps listed above. There’s now a whole new Courses and Resources section of the web site which you can access right from the home page.

So please, go to and check out our new and ever-growing library of free and paid courses and resources that help startups succeed, especially in Japan. Whether you’re building a small business, or you’re an expert in your niche who supports small business, you’ll want to check some of these out.

And I’d love to hear your feedback about this exciting new direction that we’re headed into.

Oh, and below you can also checkout the somewhat tongue-in-cheek 2.5 Oyajis show we did last night to see what it’s all about (best to start the video from about 07:17)