Ginza Hub Joins Loop’s Network Of Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces are a hot topic, and every week or so I get an email from some new startup who wants me to join their new and “exclusive” list of carefully selected work spaces. I signed Ginza Hub up for a few of them, like LiquidSpace, ShareDesk and Coworker, but pretty much never see any visitors from such aggregate sites, so now days I usually just say no thank you.

Then Joel Peters, Partner Community Manager at Loop, reached out to me with what I think is a brilliant idea.

As their website states, “Loop is the ‘Priority Pass’ of collaborative working. We’ve partnered with the best co-working spaces globally to give our citizens a platform to work and travel anywhere they want. One citizenship, a world of opportunities.”

You see, Loop wants to create a global network of co-working spaces, a community if you will, starting in Asia (which, of course, is where Ginza Hub is.) For $30 a month, users can access Loop’s network of partner spaces and book meeting rooms and hot desks on a pay-as-you-go basis through the company’s app. Ok, sounds fairly standard so far, but get this – Existing members of partner co-working spaces in Loop’s network automatically become Loop members for free. That means that my Ginza Hub members can book one desk per month at any and every partner location without being charged a cent. And that’s 80 locations in 22 countries!

So I called Joel in Singapore and he walked me through the simple process of providing text and image content for Loop to create a profile for Ginza Hub, in return for a special promo code that my members & I can use to access Loop’s partner co-working spaces for free.

I’ve now signed myself up with the promo code and installed the app on my phone and it all works perfectly.

So now there is yet another reason to become a monthly member at Ginza Hub – free workspace for a day at any of 80 co-working spaces around the world. Yeay!

(If you’re already a Ginza Hub member, just email or text me for the promo code.)