Koji Shindo

Koji Shindo

Start-up Advisor · Sales & Marketing Expert

Koji Shindo is a professional start-up Advisor and Consultant. He has great knowledge and experience in Japanese business, excellent communication skills with customers and experience working with international companies at the directorial and managerial level.

Koji can help you with anything you need to set up your business in Japan, whether it’s company registration, office location and setup, IT networking and computer systems, banking setup, or sales and marketing strategies.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Koji Shindo since 2005. I employed him as the Sales manager for my IT recruiting and outsourcing firm, Zeros And Ones, which I later sold at profit with Koji’s help. If you need a Japanese presence, a friendly but experienced face for your business that your Japanese customers will warn to, then look no further. Contact Koji now and let him help you start up your start-up today!

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