Tia Haygood

Tia Haygood

Photographer · Creative Director

Tia is a photographic entrepreneur living and working in Tokyo. She enjoys photographing the urban characteristics of Tokyo and travels around Japan, tasting its many unique local foods. She received her first camera at the age of 13 and now her goal is to help businesses and artists excel visually with excellent photos.

Both Japanese and non-Japanese clients can utilize her three main forms of photography:

Portrait Photography
Event Photography
Food Photography

TopTia has been featured by Japanese and non-Japanese businesses such as Sasuga! Communications, What the Dickens, and Loco Popo along with artists such as Max Sound, The Goood Things, and Tits, Tats & Whiskers. Book a photoshoot or event with Tia today!

I’ve worked with Tia for many months now on a variety of projects, both at Ginza Hub and in other locations, including my own profile photos (like the one you see here!) as well as busy event photos. She’s shown me that great photographic results depend just as much on artistic ability as technical ability, both of which she has plenty of. I wouldn’t have my photos done by anyone else.

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