Osamu Nishioka

Osamu Nishioka

Visa Lawyer

Osamu Nishioka is a Japanese visa lawyer, or administrative scrivener as they are officially known, working as a sole proprietor out of his small office in central Tokyo. He is the Deputy Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Administrative Scriveners Association.

Every year Nishioka-Sensei helps many foreigners navigate the murky waters of Japanese visa law to obtain the right visa for whatever it is they want to accomplish in Japan, and he remains a source of deep knowledge on making a life in this country. Being registered with the Tokyo Immigration Bureau, he is able to call upon and make direct appointments with Immigration Bureau staff, which is an exclusive privelage that most people never enjoy. Contact Nishioka-Sensei, in written English or spoken Japanese, to upgrade your visa today!

I’ve worked with Nishioka-Sensei for a few years now, both for my own visa requirements and for those of our Ginza hub members, and his experience and expertise have always produced the desired results for us. He recently personally lodged my application for Permanent Residency with the Immigration Bureau, saving me a significant amount of time and energy.

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