Ginza Hub Experts Community

We’re so fortunate at Ginza Hub to have great people creating new and interesting business every day, many of whom are Experts in areas like photography, graphic design, web development and even public speaking. They know exactly how to help other entrepreneurs too, having managed many of the same processes building their own businesses.

Hire An Expert page
Our Hire An Expert page

But there’s only so much these Experts can do inside the walls of Ginza Hub, so the next logical step was to create an online directory for them on to promote their skills outside of our cosy co-working space.

So now, from our Hire An Expert page, startups and other entrepreneurs can contact our Experts directly for any assistance they might need in starting or growing their business.

Such clients can also email me at to post a job notice for them in our growing Experts community’s private Facebook Group.

Experts Only Toolbox
Our Experts Only Toolbox

I actively promote our Experts, and in turn encourage them to promote each other. The result is a wide-reaching network of people with a diverse range of startup-focused skills all helping to promote each others’ businesses and furthering the startup community as a whole. It’s pretty awesome!

We also have a Become An Expert page where skilled entrepreneurs can sign up to join our Experts community. This is a subscription-based service, where for ¥29,700 a year new Experts will be featured in our Experts Directory, will have their website’s Google rankings improved via quality backlinks from, will gain access to our private Facebook Group where they’ll receive job notifications and can connect, collaborate and learn from like-minded Experts, will gain access to our special Experts Only Toolbox of online courses and resources for business success, and of course will be found by startups and small businesses seeking both virtual and in-person business support.

I’ve made joining our Ginza Hub Experts a paid subscription service because I want to keep the quality of our Experts high. Basically, if someone can’t afford to invest just ¥2,475 a month to have us promote and grow their business, then they probably aren’t a good fit for the group.

The way it all works is an entrepreneur will first gravitate to or be referred to our Become An Expert or Hire An Expert page. Then they’ll learn that they can easily gain more than the price of the subscription by joining us, hit the Join Now button and pay the first year of membership. I’ll then contact them to gather their details and learn how good a fit they are for the group.

I imagine that most people who complete payment will have a skillset that’ll be valuable for Ginza Hub clients and visitors, but if not then I’ll simply refund their money without fuss.

So, the million dollar question – Are you an entrepreneur who has what it takes to become a Ginza Hub Expert? Can you afford to invest ¥2,475 in your business for the opportunity to gain a lot more than that? If so, check out the company you’ll keep, then sign up on our Become An Expert page or shoot me an email at if you have any questions.