Crissman Loomis

Crissman Loomis

Investment Advisor

Crissman is a full-time private investor who continues to have remarkable success in the stock market and real estate market both in Japan and overseas. He also has shares in oil and technology companies in his diverse portfolio.

Because he isn’t affiliated with any company or agency, investors who he educates feel comfortable that he has no vested interest in any of the opportunities he recommends. And with a Masters degree in mathematics plus computer engineering certification, Crissman goes strictly by the numbers.

Crissman has been one of my closest friends and advisers since we worked together at Morgan Stanley in Tokyo in the late nineties. At that time he formed a small group of enthusiastic investors, including me, to explore the stock market to see if we could make some money. Via his recommendations here I ended up doing very well indeed, as will anyone who follows his non-nonsense advice. Contact Crissman to supplement your income with steady investment today!

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