Ginza Hub Membership is Reaching Capacity
(but there’s still time to claim a seat!)

After almost 3 years in business, our Ginza Hub community of startups and entrepreneurs is quickly reaching maximum capacity. But if you’re interested in securing membership at Tokyo’s only Everything-in-English co-working space, you’re still in luck.

One of our busiest days ever
One of our busiest days ever

While we now proudly host 13 members here – people from all over the world with all sorts of different backgrounds working on all kinds of cool businesses – to keep the level of service high I intend to cap the total number of members to 18, meaning that we have 5 seats left.

We’ve already stopped advertising our hour hourly and daily drop-in services, because it just doesn’t make sense entertaining visitors who stop by for an hour or so and are then never seen again.

After all, Ginza Hub is such a cool space for people to think and to work on their most important projects. So I’d much rather help a young entrepreneur build his or her business than simply make a coffee for someone who’ll be gone forever a short while later, although great coffee is always a stand-out feature of Ginza Hub.

And this business model works very well, because we really do have a switched on community of positive, proactive people who are quick to lend their skills to help each other out. I couldn’t be more proud of Ginza Hub for this reason.

So, if working on your ideas in your kitchen or out of your local cafe is getting a bit old, or if you just want clean, quiet space to get things done, why don’t you stop by for a tasty coffee from our awesome Italian espresso machines, and see if Ginza Hub is a good fit for your needs. Just let me know ahead of time so that I can make sure I’m here for you.

Membership at Ginza Hub is ¥25,000 per month per person which includes 24/7 access (you get your own key), your own lockable storage, free use of our conference & event room, and use of our Ginza address for your business (we receive your mail for you.) Plus, of course, free WiFi, coffee, tea, water & snacks whenever you want, with no contracts and nothing to sign.

Contact me any time at and see directions how to get here on the Google Map at

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