Alex Fazel

Alex Fazel

Customer Service Trainer · Presentation Coach

Alex is a presentation coach at TEDx and a communication coach at eLingo who describes himself as “a passionate person with a positive mindset proactively persevering for perfection.” He is also a content creation Expert combining graphic design with proven marketing know-how.

In the early months of 2016 Alex left almost a decade in the English teaching industry as a sales trainer, who directly trained 800+ sales team members, to instead deliver first class B2C customer sales training via his own company. Now he coaches Japanese business leaders to communicate effectively with innovative training systems and leadership. Contact Alex to increase your revenue via better customer engagement skills today!

Alex is a long-term Ginza Hub member and a core member of my special closed group of superstars called The Think Tank. He’s a sharp dresser, an fascinating conversationalist, and a natural-born power reader who constantly educates himself on advanced communication methods. I’ve seen Alex quickly shift between English, Japanese and French like it was nothing, and I think that says a lot about this remarkable young man.

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